Welcome and greetings in Jesus Christ! We at Faith Lutheran make no claims to be perfect. Instead, we readily admit that we make mistakes and fall short of God's expectations. We are a gathering of sinners, supporting each other in our journeys of faith and seeking the assurance of God's forgiveness in His son, Jesus. "We desire to know Jesus Christ and Him crucified." (I Corinthians 2:2)

Faith Lutheran School

Faith in Motion Video - Teachers, parents, and student talk about their experiences with Faith Lutheran School. They also discuss what could be accomplished with the building of a facility that contains a gymnasium and extra classrooms.

The programs of Faith Lutheran School exist to encourage spiritual, emotional, academic, and physical development in a Christian environment. Activities based on principles of early childhood development help children learn through their senses, acquire language and problem solving abilities, and develop motor-perceptual skills. A basic understanding of God, the Bible, and appropriate Christian behaviors are encouraged and integrated into all activities. These experiences provide children the opportunity to grow in a close relationship to God, build self-confidence, and adopt the skills needed to work independently and together with others. more

Campus House

The Lutheran Student Fellowship campus house is a group of students who love God, love each other, and try to find ways to serve both! Through weekly Bible Studies, service projects, mission trips, social activities, and a relationship with Faith Lutheran Church, we seek to provide a Christian atmosphere for spiritual growth and development.